Justin sands
Work Experience


Engineering Model Lab (1999-2005)

Rapid Prototyping SLA SLS EOS CNC machines. Design and build functioning prototypesProjects include JSF, Sonic cruiser, F-22, 787 Dreamliner.

Red Eagle Aviation
Owner Operator (2005—2008)
Managed Fixed based operations. 
Develop a 141 school, maintenance shop.
Fixed wing and Rotor wing  flight school

USI (Unmanned Systems Inc.)
Pilot and Designer of UAS systems (2009-current) Flight training/testing on various platforms including the SANDSTORM  UAV.
Pilot training for the Predator Program.
Research and developmental work on a variety of platforms.
Various camera, sensor, and avionics use and integration.

Experience and Skills

Private Pilot, high performance/complex rating, and rotorcraft (in progress) (300+ hours fixed, 
40+ hours rotary).
Flight time in Cessna 172/180/182/RG, Cessna Corvalis, Extra 300, Aviat Husky, Bonanza A36, Cessna Citation 
Mustang, and Schweizer CBI/300C /333. MD 520N, Bell 206B3
1500 hours of sUAS flight time via Safety Pilot/Pilot in Command (PIC), Ground Control Station (GCS),                   

                          and First Person View (FPV).
Test pilot/technician for USI Sandstorm UAS and all research aircraft.
sUAS flight testing and sensor integration for the Department of Energy (DOE).
Assist with Development of Longshot technology
Composite layup experience for fabricating landing gear, wings, brackets, engine mounts, fuel tanks, fuselage,  
 and intakes for subscale and full scale aircraft.
Machining experience (lathe/mill) 
Representative for Various Model manufactures BVM jets/ Horizon Hobbies