Secret Clearance (DOD, Active, adjudicated 2015)

Clearance (DOE, Active, adjudicated 2015)


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering (June 2014)

Work Experience

Cal Poly Pomona, Aerospace Department                                                                                                                 

          (Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona CA)                                                                                                                                              

Pilot and Flight Test Engineer (January 2008— June 2014)

Autopilot integration on fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Piloted a vast array of aircraft and collected data for system verification.

Taught aerospace (freshman/sophomore level) lab courses for the aerospace engineering department.

Developed manuals and helped students collect flight data for class projects, competitions, and research.

Cal Poly Pomona, Aerospace Department                                            

      (Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona CA)                                                                                                                                              

UAV Lab Manager (September 2008—June 2014)

Managed custody records of avionics and support equipment.

Assisted in integrating, testing and executing flight operations.

Created technical documentation for autopilots and sensors.


NASA Dryden              

(Edwards AFB, Edwards CA)                                                                                                                                                   

Pilot and Flight Test Engineer (July 2011—December 2011) and (June 2013—September 2013)

Crew chief for sUAS platforms, sensor integration, and data collection.

Calculated MOI for various aircraft using a bifilar pendulum.

Autopilot integration and flight testing on sUAS.

Test pilot for various aircraft including a composite tailless wing (PRANDTL-D) verifying proverse yaw with coordinated turns.

Unmanned Systems Inc. (USI)                

    (Sands Facility, Kalispell MT, Henderson Executive Airport, Henderson NV, and Alamo Airport, Alamo NV)

Pilot and Flight Test Engineer (July 2014—Present)

Flight training/testing on various platforms including the SANDSTORM UAV.

Pilot training for the Predator Program.

sUAS Program Manager.

Research and developmental work on sUAS.

Various camera, sensor, and avionics integration and testing.

Project/Contract lead for Department of Energy (DOE).

Radiation and nuclear sensing via sUAS platforms for the DOE.

sUAS pilot training for DOE.

Sands Unmanned Aviation Training (SUAT)          

    (Sands Facility, Kalispell MT)

Pilot, Instructor, and Flight Test Engineer (June 2016—Present)

Flight testing and data collection for the University of Montana.

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) sUAS academy/course and flight training.

sUAS course (UAST-B1 – Basic Unmanned Aircraft Systems)

Experience and Skills

Private Pilot (high performance/complex/tail wheel), and rotorcraft (90+ hours fixed,

50+ hour’s rotary (turbine time)).

Flight time in Cessna 172/182RG, Piper Archer, Diamond 40, Bonanza A36, Husky A/1C-200, Extra 330 LX, Cessna Citation Mustang, and Schweitzer 300C /333.

FAA sUAS certificated (Part 107) pilot.

600+ hours of sUAS flight time via Pilot in Command (PIC), Ground Control Station (GCS), and First Person View (FPV).

Certified maintenance technician and pilot for SANDSTORM UAV.

Test pilot/technician for Cal Poly Pomona Yamaha R-MAX, SR-100 helicopter, AUVSI/DBF competition planes and all research/senior project aircraft.

Test pilot for NASA Dryden research aircraft including DROID, PRANDTL-D, and APV-3.

Fiber Optic Strain Sensing (FOSS) integration and flight test data collection on NASA’s APV-3 aircraft.

sUAS flight testing and sensor integration for the Department of Energy (DOE).

Senior project consisted of designing, building, programming, wiring and flying an autonomous quad-rotor with obstacle avoidance utilizing sonar sensors with the Ardupilot Mega autopilot (2012).

UAV/UGV joint research project (funded by Northrop Grumman) test pilot and autopilot integration engineer.

Tested and integrated multiple alpha-beta probes on various sUAS.

Taught intro level course projects for the Aerospace Engineering Dept. at Cal Poly Pomona.

Built and tested a gust alleviation system for a roll/pitch capable aircraft model with a custom built gimbal for flight characteristic verification in Cal Poly Pomona’s sub-sonic wind tunnel.

LiDAR scanning for land development via sUAS.

Moderate understanding of Pix4D Software.

Development of autopilot hardware in the loop (HIL) and software in the loop (SIL) simulations.

Test pilot for Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) rocket powered delta wings for data collection and analysis.

Designed and built a wing section for vibrational and structural testing in a subsonic wind tunnel.

Moderate understanding of We Pilot, Piccolo II, Ardupilot (APM), and Micro Pilot auto pilot systems.

Moderate understanding of Matlab, C++, SolidWorks, and AVL (Athena Vortex Lattice).

Composite layup experience for fabricating landing gear, wings, brackets, engine mounts, fuel tanks, fuselage, and intakes for subscale and full scale aircraft.

Machining experience (lathe/mill) to make prop adapters, couplers, and engine mounts for aircraft.

Mig welding experience in designing and building parts for racing and engine testing platforms.

Thrust testing for optimization of propulsion systems for numerous aircraft platforms.

Building and flight testing of an experimental aircraft (diamond wing design).


          Outstanding Freshman of the Year for the Aerospace Department (2008); Joseph and Claudia Scolanti Scholarship for applied engineering (2008 and 2013); Aerospace Department Distinguished Service Award (2011); Jose & Grace Yee Scholarship for Application of theoretical knowledge to aerospace engineering problems (2012-14); Deans List (spring 2007, winter 2012); Outstanding Senior of the Year for the Aerospace Department (2014).


 Cal Poly Pomona AUVSI Team (2009-14); Cal Poly Pomona AIAA (2008-14); Vice president of AIAA (2009-10) and (2013-14); AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) (2005-16); DBF Team (2008-2010); Sigma Gamma Tau Honor Society (2014); Team Pilot for JR Americas (2017); Team Pilot for Compass Helicopters (2014-2017).

Hovig Yaralian